JPS Superconductor speaker cables

JPS Superconductor speaker cables

These cables are comparable to the best on the market, especially for their speed and clarity. They have a lower price than the competition. Very open, clean, fast, relaxed, ...excellent! In my system, they connect Atma-sphere M60 mk. 2 amps and Merlin VSM-SE speakers. The JPS cables permit the extraordinary transparency of these products to be heard.

Further testing - and a year's use - suggest that the higher frequencies let everything through without the "filtering" that some cables provide. This is an area to observe when auditioning; it may  complement your system perfectly, especially if you have a neutral, high resolution system.

However, if your system tends at all towards brightness or forwardness, you might find these cables a bit overbearing.

Give them at least 150 hours to break in. After that, just sit back and enjoy!

Overall Rating: 8 LPs