integrated amplifiers

Cary 300SEI Integrated Amplifier

This was a challenging review to write. Not for some of the reasons you might imagine: faulty equipment – none!, system changes – frequent but not the issue; available time to listen to the amplifier – always in too-short supply; etc., etc. No, the challenge was deciding if the review would have any value considering the “law” that would be broken in the process.

PS Audio GCC-500 Control Amplifier and Underwood HiFi-modified GCC-250 Control Amplifier

There are two kinds of listeners. Only two. There are the “eye-closers” who become lost in the music, losing track of time and where they are. They put on a record or CD and soon are immersed in a world of sensation. Astral traveling? Asleep? Hypnotized? At the end of the music, the return to reality can be jarring.

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