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Acoustic Zen Satori and Hologram II Speaker Cables

This is what it is all about. I mean the search for great components. What goes into your decision to try or buy some hardware? Friends telling you they just found the Holy Grail? A review like this? Salesmen in your local shoppe? Or a home trial and evaluation?

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 Speaker Cable

The Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables are the best sounding cables to date from Analysis Plus, not including their gold-plated cables. I have already written about the Oval 9, and that review should serve as the basis for this one of the Solo Crystal Oval 8. There seems to be widespread agreement that the Oval 9 speaker cables are one of the better bargains in audio-land.

Audience Au24 "e" Loudspeaker Cables

How do you improve on perfection? There is no Darwinian natural selection at work for manufactured products that enable them to evolve over time, making them better suited to the environment. If you are an expert marksman, hitting the bulls-eye each and every time, can you become an even better shot? If your name is Bond, James Bond... Well, you get the idea.

Audience Au24 Loudspeaker Cables

Let me save some typing and share the description from the Audience Web site. I have omitted some of the text that sounded like marketing hyperbole or was superfluous, but have included editorial content that agrees with my observations.

Element Signature Apollo Speaker Cables

This review of Element Signature Apollo speaker cables presented some unusual challenges. What is the inherent sound of this component? Are there any particular characteristics which affect the sound in a positive or a negative way? What is the magnitude of the difference? Every review presents the same challenges, but these questions are usually resolved in fairly short order.

PS Audio xStream Resolution Reference Speaker Cables

What do you expect from a speaker cable? Think about this for a moment and I am sure that you will find it in today’s very crowded cable marketplace. It seems that a new cable company is literally popping up every day to offer you their version of the best. “The Best” could be the best sound they can offer or the best value for the money.

Slinkylinks Interconnect & Speaker Cables

Slinkylinks. Sounds like a child’s toy, doesn’t it? These cables do not sound like toys, but they do have a “slinky” look and feel:  smooth and shiny, and packaged in small metal cans.

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