Gallo Reference Strada Speakers and TR-3 Subwoofers

Anthony Gallo Acoustics has been developing and improving their spherical loudspeakers for more than 20 years. The new $1,998 per pair Reference Strada is the next generation, following the company’s very well received Reference 3.1 . The CDT3 tweeter is the exact same unit which is used in the new $5,995 Reference 3.5, and the dual 5” drivers with neodymium magnets are also found in the 3.5.

How to Dial In a Subwoofer

Here is how I dial in a sub. I do this procedure fairly often and it works very well. You can dial in a pair of subs in less than 10 minutes. It helps to have another person making the adjustments while you listen. We'll use the sub's level control and the sub's low pass filter (frequency) control.

1. Play something with good bass content. I use Michael Jackson's "Thriller" CD, and play Thriller.

JL Audio Fathom f112 Subwoofers

Let’s ignore the bass for a few minutes and talk about the midrange. The midrange is the most critical band of sound because this is where most of our music lives and breathes. Middle C is 262 Hertz, which is not very high above the bass. Voices, bass harmonics, and the fundamental notes of almost every instrument are found in the midrange. We can usually live with sound that is missing most of the bass, and often do.

REL Stadium II Subwoofer

Stadium III wondered why I had to readjust my Velodyne F-1200R for almost every disc. After a couple of months of adjusting the controls - frequency and gain - it should have been right.

The Perfect Subwoofer

Note: I think I know what I'm doing here at the outset, so I have arrogantly titled this project "The Perfect Subwoofer". If the result is only an improvement over my previous reference, I'll be very happy. I also realize that perfect in one system might be anything but perfect in another. How is this possible?

Velodyne Optimum-12 Subwoofers

Adjusting the controls on a subwoofer for best performance takes time and patience. It is always interesting to see ads for used subwoofers appear on the Web stating “only a week old” or “barely broken in”. These almost always identify a dissatisfied owner.

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